Two Steps to Remember when Convincing them to Try Something Kinky

artworks-000014583234-7zgi8q-cropYearning to try something new and kinky in the bedroom? Looking to add a little bondage and restraint to playtime? For those looking at exploring BDSM it can be quite exciting, but when one partner is reluctant it can be difficult and incredibly awkward. But with some open communication and some patience it may be possible to bring them around.

Maybe cosmo has it right when it comes to kinky?…

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Playing in the Bath for Adults

554f92e3c0b753bf3bb250d00f28c08cAs little kids, bath time was fun, but as adults bath time has lost some of that specialness. While it may be an ideal place to relax and unwind, it’s no longer a place where adventures are had. At least it wasn’t until recent technology came into play and starting making adult toys perfect for the bath.

With the advent of new materials and breakthroughs in technology, waterproof sex toys …

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How to Make her Climax during Sex

98112754It is an undeniable fact that numerous ladies struggle to climax while having sex. An orgasm can be challenging enough to obtain alone, but along with a lover, it is often close to impossible. However, practice makes perfect, and with some persistence and a bit of research, couples can discover a way together to find her orgasm.

How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Prior to starting, make certain that each partner …

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